BA Janitorial Supplies

Masking film


Static Treated white, coated polythene is produced to be antistatic yet paint absorbent. Masking time and cost is cut to a minimum. It clings to the sides of vehicles leaving hands free for taping, a booth can be fully masked in as little as 20 minutes! It will not allow paint penetration, is impermeable to water, dries quickly, is suitable for recycling and sticks immediately. Due to special treatment the paint stays on the film, all printed to be visually “use this side” evident.

We have three types of Static Treated Film to meet all markets, starting with the “4M” film available in both 4 and 5 meter widths. Polymasque which offers a much greater flexibility is slightly stronger, it’s made with modern blends of polymers making it softer, easier to cut and non snagging, all those that tested this product have ordered. Top Gun is further enhanced giving the same features as the Polymasque but with added paint hold, it comes in a dispenser box.

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