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Welcome to Southside Industrial Wipes

We are a Cloth and Wipes supply company to all trades and industries such as printers, offices, motor trade, schools, creches and nursing homes, to name but a few.

We specialise in cloths, wipes, mutton cloth, paper wipes, terry towels and rags for every application needed, woven and non woven.Southside Industrial Wipes have over 25 years experience in the industry and have built up a very good realationship with our customer base.

We take pride in providing a competitively priced and quality product to our customers.

In our opinion customer satisfaction is the golden rule in business, so with this in mind we aim to provide you with an efficient service, quality products, competitively priced and delivered on time.

We welcome enquiries and would be happy to provide written quotations for any of our products you require.

You can contact us at any time with our contact form or by phone.

Office:   01 4574432

Mobile:  086 2586252

The Brands We Stock

  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Dreumex
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Eco Natural
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Jofel
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Kimberly-Clark
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Strong
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Tork
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Katrin
  • B.A. Janitorial Supplies - Ecoline